Know who you are doing business with. 

It has come to our attention that there is a SCAM Locksmith Company using our business (and others) name on a website designed to trick people looking for Keys Plus- Midtown, into calling them, 247 locksmith.
We are in no way affiliated with ANY company that has the name 24/7,24-7,247 Locksmith or any variaion of 24/7.
We have built a website www.getfreekey.com to illustrate exactly how the SCAM works.
These companies exist to rip off whoever they can. They are very internet savvy.
They will pretend to be affiliated with us. They are crooks.

What is needed to duplicate a "Do not Duplicate" Key?

We require a release of liability letter on file in our store to duplicate keys that are stamped "Do Not Duplicate". This letter must be on Letterhead of the responsible party, company, or property manager who issued the "DND" key, and state the name of the person who is being authorized to make duplicate(s).The authorized person will need to provide State issued identification.

What does the "Minimum Charge" include?

The "Minimum Charge" includes a $50.00 Trip Charge; the fee to drive our fully insured, and outfitted service vehicle to your location, and a Minimum Labor charge-$35.00 which is equal to about 20 minutes of service time charges. Our Minimum charge for service during regular business hours is $95.00. Lockouts may be cheaper depending on availability.


Our Quoted Prices

Every day we get asked why our charges are higher than Ads in the phone book or Search Ads on the internet. Many of these Ads say $19.00 service charge and 10% off, or something similar. These Ads are very expensive to run for any company. Companies bid for you the consumer to see their Ad first. These "clicks" usually cost the company anywhere from $3 to $18 per click. How can a company pay more to advertise and charge less than their competitors? They cannot!

The prices these companies are posting are designed to trick you into calling that company for service. When they arrive they will make every excuse to charge ridiculous prices for other items of the service. When you get the bill, it is a generic invoice with no information from the business printed on the invoice. So, once you have paid, there is no recourse. No one to hold responsible because you don't even know who you did business with. Here is an example:

  1. $15 Sacramento Locksmith - XXXLocksmithsacramento.com‎

    Ad locksmithxxxxxxx (866) xxx-xxxx 
    Fastest Locksmith In Sacramento. Local Service You Can Trust 24 HR

When we quote prices, we do our very best to be as honest as possible. Often, if we mis-quote a job, we honor the quoted price anyway. If we see something that changes our original quote, we discuss the details with the customer before doing any additional work. This applies to requests for quotes over the phone as well. Often, we cannot give an accurate quote over the phone without seeing details on what we are quoting. We may ask for pictures via Text Message, or we may have to come out to do a free estimate if necessary.

Here is an actual YELP review from one recent case:

"Keys plus is an awesome place! I would recommend to all my friends looking for a good, fast, and HONEST locksmith! I had a guy come out and attempt to charge me 365-400 dollars to get my house re-keyed... Keys plus told me to kick that guy out of my house because he is a criminal! So I did, he then came a few hrs later and did the exact same thing for $220.00! Thank you for helping me! You guys are awesome!"